About Us

Saniour General Trading

Specialized in Shisha business.
We supply Shisha Accessory to domestic and international market.
We are proud to presents one of the most superior brands of charcoal, EcoNara. Combining 100% natural ingredients. EcoNara is an innovative and Eco-friendly charcoal that heightens the Shisha experience.
EcoNara is created using renewable resources and real coconut shell to provide you with high heat and a consistent burn. Each EcoNara finger & cube shapes ensure easier lighting and is ready to use sooner than regular brand of charcoals.
We guarantee three times (3x) longer burning and charcoal that is completely odorless as well as tasteless.
Our comprehensive range of charcoals and other products are delivered direct to our customers in any quantity from one single pallet to full lorry loads.
Our business has been built on the ethos of giving our customers what they want exactly when they need it. Our facilities and experienced management team allow us to maintain this level of service.